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Stake works with clients in industries such as energy, cleantech, software, telecommunications, and aerospace.

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We Make the Plan

Every startup has intellectual property (IP), but it may be unknown. Stake helps entrepreneurs identify their IP and create a dynamic IP Plan to leverage that IP for success.


Stake is designed to encourage communication with our clients.


Stake can plug right into your business strategy and logistics.


We Work the Plan

Once we've created an IP Plan, Stake takes care of applications to protect your IP. Throughout the process, you don't have to worry about surprises—you'll have the opportunity to approve any actions or adjustments we recommend.


For your the functionality of your inventions.


For your brand, including names, logos, and more.


For your creative works such as code, e-books, and more.


Covering patentability, clearance, invalidity, infringement, and more.


We Help Monetize the Plan

IP protection must have value to support the business case for seeking it. From the start, we build your IP Plan with monetization in mind—that is, how it will add value to your startup.


Stake can assist both with IP deals such as licenses, purchases, and sales.

Exit Strategy

Stake can build and adjust your IP Plan based on your exit strategy.


Stake can help you enforce and defend your IP, and defend you against actions by others.

Pro Network

If needed, Stake brings in our professional network to achieve your goals.

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