Effortlessly protect your know-how.​

We stake out your patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets by building and executing your intellectual property strategy.

Built for startups.

Our business model and areas of technical expertise make us a great fit for tech, space, and energy startups.

Strategy comes first.

First, we build out your IP game plan. Then, we bring our experience to bear to execute it.

We can partner with you to build out your IP portfolio to protect things like your inventions, brands, and content.

We can provide the legal support you need thorough the legal side of entrepreneurship, ranging from formation to brand defense.

Privacy policy? No problem. We can help you build out the legal tools you need to handle data with care and ensure compliance.

Get contracts (like NDAs) you receive reviewed and find out if they’re OK to sign. We can also negotiate them for you if they’re not ready to sign or even build new ones for you.

Whether you’re licensing your intellectual property or getting acquired, we are able to provide the IP & tech legal support needed.

When it comes time to defend your turf, we’re here to fight hard for you.

If you want a job shop, look elsewhere.

Your IP protection and enforcement has to fit your IP strategy, which has to fit your business strategy. That’s why we’re a strategy-first IP law firm.

Meet Josh, our founder.

Joshua Mertzlufft started his career with a B.S. in Applied Physics and a job as a mechanical engineer.

Then he became a registered U.S. patent attorney.

Josh left big law in 2021 to start Stake and work with the best kind of clients: startups.

What Startup CEOs are saying:

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[Joshua] prides himself on putting together a complete game plan to achieve your goals.
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Customer service and dedication to quick responses has been greatly appreciated. Highly recommend.
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I found working with Josh, as a new business owner very informative and helpful. Josh was easy to work with and understand legal verbiage. I absolutely will work with him again.
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Honest, quick, knowledgeable, and reliable!
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If you ever need an IP lawyer this is the place to go
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I highly recommend working with the Mertzlufft Law firm for all of your patent needs.

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Big firm, been there, done that. We have a lot more fun working with high-growth startups every day.

Straight shooters.

No waffling and equivocating. Expect open communication and clear recommendations when working with us.

Focused on tech law.

We live and breathe tech law. So much so that other attorneys regularly ask for our help.

Global experience.

We know the ins-and-outs of both U.S. and international IP law. We have the logistics in place to go wherever your company does.

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