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We protect your time + investment.

No separate bills for emails or calls

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Legal shouldn’t be a pain point in your innovation process.

Imagine being able to ask questions as they come up without having to worry about a by-the-minute bill.

You have the guidance you need, the legal skill to get it done, the communication you want.

Stake makes this a reality.

No do-it-yourself

We build and manage your IP portfolio.

We don’t make you figure out your IP plan on your own. We work with you to build a plan, and then we’ll manage and grow your IP portfolio. 

You can’t protect IP if you don’t know what it is. We work with you to build easy processes to capture IP and decide what to protect.

We use patents to protect inventions ranging from software to machines. This is an important differentiator for Stake—most law firms are not legally qualified to write patents.

Trademarks are designed to protect your brand: your name, your logo, and more. We get these into your IP post

Copyright registration is often overlooked, but it provides force to your ownership of your content to the tune of $750–$150,000 in statutory damages per infringing work.

When a secret itself brings your company value, we’ll help you put processes, procedures, and agreements in place to protect that secret.

IP registrations aren’t just for press releases and wall decorations—you can buy, sell, and license IP, use it as collateral, enforce it, and more.

Whether a competitor is infringing on your IP or you’re accused of infringing someone else’s, we’ll work with you to protect your company.

Move growth faster

IP contracts on demand.

Have an agreement you need reviewed to make sure you weren’t giving away your IP?

Consider it done.

All you have to do is send over a contract from a vendor, a freelancer, a customer, a partner, or an investor, and we’ll review the IP details in it.

Your subscription includes what you need to get IP contracts reviewed and negotiated in real-time.

All this for $1,495/mo:

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