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About our Lawyer Collaboration Program

Stake regularly receives referrals from others, and we collaborate with other lawyers and law firms for various reasons including needing additional hands-on-deck, particular expertise, or they don’t offer the services Stake offers. We are able to collaborate with other lawyers and law firms in one of the three ways below.

New York lawyers can’t pay anything for a referral. But, lawyers who are jointly responsible for a matter can share a fee if that arrangement is disclosed and consented-to by the client.

True Referral

Joint Responsibility


Important note: Since additional licensure is required to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office in patent matters, use of the Joint Responsibility and Subcontractor arrangements may be limited by your or your firm’s legal ability to accept joint responsibility for or otherwise represent the client in the matter.

Not a lawyer?

We do accept referrals from non-lawyers, but as with for referrals from other lawyers, the Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit us from paying anything for a referral. We will still give a big “THANK YOU“!

About Stake

Stake was founded in 2021 by Joshua Mertzlufft to provide a top-notch client experience for innovators in space, energy, and tech. We are a global practice with clients across North America and cases in 60+ countries. We’re a full-service IP boutique, and our work includes:




We’re an IP boutique, which means we don’t take every case. We’re focused on providing high-quality intellectual property legal services. We leverage technology, we innovate, and we think outside the box. We don’t constrain ourselves to “what a law firm should look like.”

How To Get Started

We make the process to get started collaborating with Stake simple. We’ll introduce ourselves, decide on what type of collaboration that will work the matter, and then proceed through our normal intake process.

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