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Introduction to the Stake Blog

The Stake Blog is dedicated to teaching founders what they need to know about intellectual property to win in the marketplace.

The Stake blog is dedicated to exploring, explaining, and advocating for developments in patent law and other areas of intellectual property law. The primary focus of articles in this blog will be the provision of content that teaches, tests, and traces intellectual property law as it relates to technologies ranging from blockchain to mechanical devices and everything in between. Innovators, founders, and creators in these fields are finding new ways to test this area of the law every day. The intent of this blog is to provide general overviews and educate regarding the evolution of the law in this area. It will cover legal developments, statutory changes, as well as educate on the current state of intellectual property law, how it works, and how innovators and creators can apply it.

I look forward to sharing these intellectual property insights. Be on the lookout for new articles, and subscribe to to receive our regular updates, which are designed to be read quickly and geared to teach innovators and professionals to spot issues with and teach on patent topics.

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